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golf malevil   Královský Golf Club Malevil

    The 18-hole golf course is located in the beautiful countryside. There is also a driving range and putting green.

  Cycling in Lužické Hory

   In Lužické Hory there are marked many cycle routes.

  Skiing in Ještěd

   Ski area Ještěd – new skiing area which was completely modernized

   The lake Hamr

    Hamr’s Lake by Stráž pod Ralskem is used for recreation since the mid-19th century. The lake is also known due to the famous Czech movie “Holiday with Angel”

   Astronomical clock and nativity scenes in Kryštofovo Valley

    In the village Kryštofovo Valley near Liberec we can find after Prague and Olomouc the third astronomical clock in Czech Republic. The local musem of nativity scenes is also very known and visited. The valley is dominated by a 30 metres high rail viaduct build in 1903.

  Ploučnice – a river without any civilization interferences

    Until recently this jewel among Czech rivers was concealed in a military zone. That’s the reason why the river remained completely intact without any disturbances of the civilization.